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Welcome to BMB Foodservice, the story of our founders, Sammy and Van, is as flavorful as our food! Born and raised in Vientiane, Laos, they faced numerous challenges that fueled their determination for a better life. With dreams of new beginnings, they embarked on a brave journey, crossing the Mekong River to seek refuge in a Thai camp. Their adventure didn’t stop there; the promise of vast opportunities led them to Canada, where they tirelessly worked labour-intensive jobs while raising three children.

Economic downturn brought unexpected changes, leaving both Sammy and Van unemployed. Undeterred, they tapped into their savings and keen business instincts to start something they truly believed in. In 1997, Bangkok Meat Balls Food Co. Limited. was born in Toronto, Ontario. Here, they shared a piece of their heritage through their Chiu Chow roots by introducing the city to their delectable Chiu Chow Style Beef Balls and Hot Chili Oil.

As time passed, the next generation stepped in, imbued with the same entrepreneurial spirit and vision as their predecessors. Together, the first and second generations have seamlessly blended tradition with innovation, turning the original venture into BMB Foodservice as a thriving family business. This evolution has expanded our scope and embraced new opportunities to serve an ever-growing clientele.

Their journey from Vientiane to Toronto is not just about the places they’ve been but the resilience they’ve shown and the dreams they’ve realized. At BMB Foodservice, we’re more than just food; we’re a story of hope, heritage, and the taste of home. Join us as we continue to share our journey with every bite.

"We believe that your success is our success, together we can achieve more."

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