About Us

Learn about the story of our origins.

About Us

Learn about the story of our origins.

Meet Our Founders

The founders of Bangkok Meat Balls, Sammy and Van were born and raised in the small capital city of Vientiane, Laos. During those harsh times they both knew they wanted to have a better future and left everything they had and crossed the Mekong River into Thailand and stayed in a refugee camp. They were uncertain of what kind of opportunities were available but were eager to begin their new journey and possible dreams of having a better life. When settlement was to be decided, they chose to immigrate to Canada and worked various labour-intensive jobs while raising their three children. When the economy entered a recession, their employer announced permanent layoffs and both Sammy and Van were left unemployed.

With the savings they had, Sammy decided to take a risk and open up a store and do what he knows best, business! Together Sammy and Van chased this dream of theirs and started Bangkok Meat Balls Food Co., Ltd. in Toronto, Ontario in 1998. With origins tracing back to Chiu Chow China, Sammy and Van introduced Toronto to their authentic recipe for their very popular Chiu Chow Style Beef Balls and Chili Oil.

"We believe that your success is our success,
together we can achieve more."

Where We Are At Now

Many years later, we’ve now become a strong provider in the ethnic market with expertise in sourcing authentic products for our customers needs.

As a family run business, our family values have been passed down to the heart of our company. We believe that your success is our success, together we can achieve more. We believe with sincerity and integrity we can provide you the service you deserve.

With a dedicated team behind Bangkok Meat Balls, we are ready to provide you with the service you need, no matter how big or small we are always ready.

Delivery Area

Our delivery area includes the following cities / towns and areas in-between them.

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